Diego Quarantotto

Born in Bologna in 1979, falls in love with music at 6, when he begins studying piano. The discovery of rock music during teenage days will lead Diego to leave his piano practice, and start playing guitar at first, and eventually bass guitar: with some friends he founds his first band Makaira, which will feature Daniele Tedeschi on drums (Vasco Rossi) on their debut prog metal EP record. The following years will see Diego engaged in several different projects: bands producing original music, such as Markonee, Metrical Division, Sex for Cash, Lola Stonecracker, or GC Project, with which he still plays today; tribute bands, such as CODA (Led Zeppelin Tribute) and Muppet Suicide (Guns’n Roses Tribute); and as a session man, recording for various artists of Bologna music scene. In addition to his role in ART he is currently playing with GC Project (solo band of drummer Giacomo Calabria), and with Pulp Dogs, solo band of guitarist Vince Pàstano (guitarist and producer for Vasco Rossi, and Luca Carboni) and Antonello d’Urso (guitarist for Franco Battiato, Angelo Branduardi, Luca Carboni).